Zeilen op Curacao

Rent or Charter Sail & Motorboats in Curaçao. Sailboat Rentals, Centaur,  Optimist & Sunfish

Rent a Centaur (20foot - 6.2meters)

The Centaur is a sloop rigged open keel boat built for easy sailing up to 5 passengers.​

We have 8 available for rental to to sail the beautiful and picturesque Spanish Waters.​


Fl.45,-/hour (min. 2 hour rental)

FL.165,- per 4 hours

extra hours after 4 hours Fl.30,-/hour

Fl.275,- Whole Day (9:00 - 17:30)

for a Skipper add Fl.65,-/hour

Rent a Sunfish

The Sunfish sailboat is a personal size, beach launched sailing dinghy utilizing a pontoon type hullcarrying a lateen sail mounted to an un-stayed mast.

A Sunfish has a wider beam for more stability, increased freeboard and the addition of a foot-well for a more comfortable sailing position.​



Fl.88,-/ per 3 hours

extra hours after 3 hours Fl.25,-/hour

Charter Sail Adventure with Skipper

For the most Fun Sailing Experience in Curacao, you can Charter Sail Adventure with Skipper Daniël Diepeveen.
Skipper Daniël is a Fun host and wll make sure you havea Great and Comfortable time on the Water
The Yacht is A Classic Sailing Racer equiped for Safe Travels on the Open Ocean
It's Perfect for Half / Full Day Trips, Snorkel Trips, Sunset Trips & Trips to Klein Curacao including Overnight Stays on the Beautiful Deserted Island
While prices are listed below the best thing is to Call, App or Email us to discuss what you want so we can make you a Great Deal​

Price with Skipper

Fl.650,- 2.5 hours (Sunset / Snorkel Trips)
Fl.900,- 4 hours (Lunch / Snorkel Trips)
Fl.1400,- 8 hours (Klein Curaçao Trips)
Fl. 2200,- 24 hours (Klein Curaçao Trips with Overnight Stay)


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