When can I make a reservation?

We can always be reached by e-mail and respond within 24 hours Details

How long is the drive from the airport to the bungalows and villas?

About a 20 minute drive Details

What is the location of the park?

In the Santa Catharina quarter on the North Eastern coast, near the St. Joris Bay Details

How long is the drive to the beaches?

Mambo beach and Jan Thiel (Zanzi bar) are just a 15 minute drive away. Details

Are there any events in the area?

The ostrich farm and the Aloe Vera plantation are a 2 minute drive. The Seaquarium is a mere 15 minutes away. Details

Is there a super market in the area?

Yes, there is a small shop or “Toko” just 2 minutes away, the large supermarket is a 5 minute drive. Details

Does the park have internet connectivity?

Yes, there is free WiFi under the palapa next to the reception and at the swimming pool. Details

Do the bungalows have a safety deposit box?

Yes, every bungalow has one. Details

Is there a TV in the bungalow or villa?

Yes, all bungalows and villas have TV’s. Details

Can I reserve or rent a car at the park?

Yes, the rates start at NAF. 60,- per day Details

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